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Industrial Enameling Equipment

Many different types of equipment are used for industrial porcelain/vitreous enameling processes.

Below a comprehensive overview of various enameling equipment per process stage.


Metal preparation is the first step within an industrial enameling process and may be done either chemically or mechanically, depending upon the level of contamination, product design and required surface activation/cleanness.


Pickling is typical used when substrates are rusty and/or strong surface activation is required.

Products are usually suspended on a rack or placed in a basket & moved from one process tank to the other by means of an overhead crane or transport robots.


Spray washers

Pretreatment tunnels are typically equipped with an overhead conveyor system in order to eliminate a manual transfer to the next enameling process step.

The utilized process is mostly alkaline degreasing followed by several rinsing stages, but there exist also spray pickling systems.



This pretreatment methode is typically used for objects made from thick mild steel or cast iron, which should be free of oil/grease.

Depending upon the geometry of the products, the abbrassive media is either thrown or sprayed in the direction surface.

Vapour degreasing

This pretreatment method is relative simple, but nowadays hardly used because it requires to use of environental unfriendly solvents.

Enamel application

Enamel may be applied either in liquid or powder form.

The later method has many benefits, provided the coating requirements & product design are appropriate.

In case of wet enameling, the application process involves three process steps :

  • Enamel preparation
  • Enamel application
  • Enamel drying

Enamel preparation

Enamel may be supplied either as a frit or as a Ready-To-Use product, which already contains all necessary milling additions.

A milling room will be required when using (large quantities of) frits.


Liquid enamel application

There many ways to apply liquid enamel on a object, such as :

  • manual spraying
  • automatic spraying
  • electrostatic spraying
  • dipping
  • slushing
  • flowcoating


Robot cell for flowcoating complex objects

Enamel drying

Wet enamel needs to be dried before transfering to the enameling furnace.

Dryer heating might be gas fired or electrical heated and eventually assisted with recovered heat from the exhaust gases of the enameling furnace.


Powder enamel application

Powder enameling refers to a modern industrial enameling technology, which involves the spraying & deposition of electrostatic charged dry powder enamel on metal substrates.

This relative new application method has many benefits compared to traditional wet enameling and is therefore preferred by major appliances & water heater manufacturers worldwide.



Firing is a very critical process step at every enameling shop, because it determines the esthetical and functional properties of the fused enamel coating.

Enameling furnaces

Enameling furnaces are manufactured in many different sizes & shapes.

Continuous furnaces with overhead conveyor are most common, but also batch operated & box type furnaces are possible.

Furnace heating is usually either by gas or electricity, but there exist also hybrid furnaces and light oil fired furnaces.


Miscellaneous equipment

In addition to the primary process equipment, as shown above, most industrial enameling plants also require auxiliary equipment for process integration, process & quality control and/or treatment of eventual emissions & waste streams.

Material handling equipment

This category comprises of a variety of solutions, such as monorail conveyors, power+free conveyors, automatic transfer devices, weight balancing systems, etc.


Process & quality control equipment

Please visit our webshop for more information about frequently used process & quality control equipment and various enamel care & repair solutions.


Waste water treatment

These auxiliary systems are nowadays compulsory in most countries when discharging waste water from chemical pretreatment processes.

Waste water treatment

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