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Setting-up enameling plants

Assist newcomers within the vitreous enameling industry with setting-up complete coating plants from project inception upto commissioning & production start-up. [More]

Optimizing enameling processes

Assisting vitreous enamelists with auditing & optimizing their enameling processes and training their staff. [More]

Troubleshooting enameling equipment

Assisting vitreous enamelists with maintaining & troubleshooting their enameling equipment. Sourcing critical spare parts. [More]

Below various other interesting topics about industrial porcelain/vitreous enameling for both experienced enamellers and newcomers.

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Providing worldwide process know-how, technical services, turnkey projects, engineered & standard machines, test equipment & spare parts to the vitreous enameling industry since 1984.

Spray-degreasing tunnel for cooker parts
Ball mills for in-house grinding of enamel frits
Powder enamel application system for baking ovens

What is vitreous enamel?

Vitreous enamel (also called porcelain enamel,glass-lining, glass-fused-to-steel, ceramic steel or glass on steel) is an engineered boro-silicate glass layer, which may be applied in a liquid or powder form and fused on a metal substrates, like mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

Coating characteristics

Vitreous enamel has the following unique properties :

  • Color stability (during many years)
  • Corrosion resistance (even against boiling water !)
  • Easy-to-clean
  • High temperature resistance
  • Scratch resistance

Typical applications

Vitreous enamel has been adopted by many different industries all over the world and is nowadays used for providing a functional and/or decorative coating to a wide range of products, such as  architectural panels, bath-tubs, barbeques, boilers, chemical vessels, cookers, heat-exchange panels, tubes, hollowware,microwave ovens, street signs, water heaters, washing machines, etc.

online powder enamel system for water heaters
Enameling furnace for holloware
Radiant tubes inside industrial enameling furnace

Wet or powder enamel?

Electrostatic applied powder enamel has many benefits versus wet applied enamels.

However, the feasibility of powder enamel depends upon the product design details & coating requirements.

More about powder enameling More about liquid enameling

International standards

An overview of current international quality and/or test standards related to vitreous enamel may be found at this webpage.

Latest news

The latest developments & news from the global enameling industry & other interesting blogs may be found at

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Enamel defects

An overview of common enamel defects and related literature may be found at this webpage

Enameling courses

The Industrial Enameling Academy™ has been establish to maintain and/or improve the competences of professional enamellers worldwide.

It provides interactive online courses about industrial enameling technology and equipment.

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