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Shotblasting equipment**

** Regularly also called sandblasting equipment, but this is not correct

Shot blasting is typically used to remove rust and/or welding seam additions from products made of thick steel, like burner grates and boiler shells & coils.

Shot blasting is nowadays rather popular, because it is relative environmental friendly. Although it is energy intensive, it generate neither waste water nor gaseous emissions and only a limited amount of solid waste.

Depending upon the hourly productivity & labor cost, shot blasters may be either conveyorized for high thru-puts or work as a stand alone machine. See below a picture of both solutions.

Online shotblasting machine for boilers

Offline shot blasting machine for boilers


online shotblaster for boilers


offline shotblaster for boilers

Below a short video showing an online shot blaster for large solar boilers in operation

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