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What is powder enamel ?

Powder enamel is porcelain enamel (also called vitreous enamel), which is dry milled & coated with an organic layer in order to make it suitable for electrostatic charging.

What is powder enameling ?

Powder enameling refers to a modern industrial enameling technology, which involves the spraying & deposition of electrostatic charged dry powder enamel on metal substrates.

This relative new application method has many benefits compared to traditional wet enameling and is therefore preferred by major appliances & water heater manufacturers worldwide.

Benefits of powder enameling

Powder enameling has many benefits compared to traditional wet enameling, such as :

  • Improved coating quality
  • Simplification of enameling process
  • Reduction of enameling cost
  • Environmental friendly
  • Saving factory floor space

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Powder enamel equipment

Beneath some pictures of powder enameling systems for respectively cookers & solar boilers / waterheaters.

Powder enameling system for cookers Powder enameling system for boilers

The core of every powder enamel system is the application equipment. The type of application equipment, their set-up and utilized parameters determine the first pass transfer efficiency of the dry powder enameling processes. This transfer efficiency is very important, because (although powder enameling may achieve almost 100% material utilization) powder enamel tend to lose it electrostatic properties when recycled too often or over long distances.

Studies showed that recycled powder is hydroscopic & therefore more sensitive for humidity then virgin powder and damp powder has a poor adhesion to the metal substrate. For this reason powder enameling systems are sometimes placed in a clean room with closed-loop air-conditioning system to maintain constant temperature and relative humidity.

Powder recycling process within a down-draft powder enamel booth

The picture above shows the complete powder cycle at a modern powder enameling system; from automatic enamel supply from a drum unloader, sieving/mixing/fluidizing in a rotary sieve, automatic spraying, recovery of oversprayed powder with cartridge filters and recycling back into the rotary sieve via a magnetic separator.

Powder enamel application

Below two video's showing the electrostatic application of powder enamel inside respectively a baking oven and large solar boilers

Testing methods for powder enamels

To maintain the reproducibility of the coating quality at your enameling plant, it is important to monitor and control all major process parameters.

With regard to the electrostatic powder enamel application department, it is necessary to keep your ambient conditions, equipment settings and powder properties within strict tolerances.


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