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Technical Services for the enameling industry

Below some examples of available technical services for the vitreous enameling industry :

Setting-up enameling plants

We assist companies worldwide with setting-up industrial vitreous enameling plants by providing:

Process & equipment knowledge
Tender specifications
Project & vendor management
On-site support during start-up & commissioning
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Improving enameling operations

We assist companies worldwide with improving their enameling operation. Typical objectives :

Process simplification
Lay-out optimalization
Quality improvement
Energy saving
Cost reduction
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Training & education

We assist companies worldwide with developing & maintaining organization critical skills by :

On-site staff training
Online e-learning courses
Verification & certification of competences
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Troubleshooting enameling processes & equipment

We assist companies worldwide when faced with technical difficulties within their enameling operations

Ad-hoc remote support
On-site inspections
Optimizing equipment performance
Providing preventive maintenance advice
Sourcing critical components

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