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Powder enamel equipment

As shown in our presentation, powder enameling has many benefits compared to traditional wet enameling.

Beneath some pictures of powder enameling systems for respectively cookers & boilers.

Powder enameling system for cookers Powder enameling system for boilers

The core of every powder enamel system is the application equipment. The type of application equipment, their set-up and utilized parameters determine the first pass transfer efficiency of the dry powder enameling processes. This transfer efficiency is very important, because (although powder enameling may achieve almost 100% material utilization) powder enamel tend to lose it electrostatic properties when recycled too often or over long distances.

Studies showed that recycled powder is hydroscopic & therefore more sensitive for humidity then virgin powder and damp powder has a poor adhesion to the metal substrate. For this reason powder enameling systems are sometimes placed in a clean room with closed-loop air-conditioning system to maintain constant temperature and relative humidity.

Powder recycling process at Nordson Horizon booth

The picture above shows the complete powder cycle at a modern powder enameling system; from automatic enamel supply from a drum unloader, sieving/mixing/fluidizing in a rotary sieve, automatic spraying, recovery of oversprayed powder with cartridge filters and recycling back into the rotary sieve via a magnetic separator.

Leading manufacturers of powder enamel systems (in alphabetic order) are : Eisenman, ITW Gema, Nordson, VET & Wagner-Itep.

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Below two video's showing the electrostatic application of powder enamel inside respectively a baking oven and large solar boilers


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