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Cost of porcelain (vitreous) enameling

Calculation of integral enameling cost

When you are consider installing a new porcelain enameling factory, altering the enameling process and/or equipment of your existing enameling plant or in/outsourcing your coating operation, you most probably want to determine your Return-On-Investment by comparing your actual versus future coating cost.

Although enameling cost may vary significantly from one process/plant to the other, it always carry the following cost components :

1) Amortization of capital investment
2) Direct enameling cost
3) Indirect enameling cost

Below the outcome of an old feasibility study for a manufacturer of electrical boilers.

Example of estimated enameling cost for a specific boiler enameling plant


Ad 1) The capital investment of an enameling plant comprises of equipment cost, packing & freight and installation expenses. In addition you have to take in consideration the cost of capital plus necessary building (space), (enlargement of existing) utilities, import duties and/or local supply of specific exclusions from the enameling equipment manufacturer’s scope of supply. The primary drivers for the capital investment are the required hourly production, the chosen enameling process and the level of plant automation. Other drivers are the chosen amortization period, expected equipment utilization and cost of capital.

Ad 2) Direct enameling cost comprises of material cost (for enamel & other chemicals), labor cost (for handling the goods and/or manual operated process steps) , energy cost (gas, oil, electricity, compressed air and/or water) and waste (treatment). The primary drivers for the direct enameling cost are the chosen enameling process, the performance of the chosen equipment and level of (process) automation.

Ad 3) Indirect enameling cost comprise of various management, quality & maintenance expenses.

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