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Spray-degreasing tunnels

Spray-washers are typically used to cleaning/degrease flat cooker panels and baking ovens, which substrates are lightly contaminated with oil and free of rust.

Thanks to the mechanical forces from the spray nozzles, the spray degreasing process is significantly faster then an immersion process.

Special low temperature alkaline degreasers are typically used to avoid excessive foaming inside the spray-washer.

Interior of spray-washer with nozzles aiming towards product Example of spray-washer made of composite materials

Spray-degreasing tunnels may be manufactured in either painted mild steel, stainless steel and composite material.

Most modern enameling shops are using one integrated overhead conveyor to avoid handling between the pretreatment & powder enamel application department.

In such case special attention should be paid to the conveyor tooling to ensure safe hanging & proper draining during spray-washing and easy transfer to the furnace conveyor after powder application.

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